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Glowing tape or how it is called by technologies – photoluminescent fabric according to TU U .17.5-22552900-006:2008.

The width of the tape:
25 - 50 mm.

white (almost flesh color).

Glowing color:

the coefficient of light power when viewed at an angle of 5 degrees is 450 cd / lux for glowing tape.

Application branches:
Traditionally, the glowing luminescent tape and glowing cloth are used for sewing on to uniforms of traffic police, road and railway workers, doctors, ambulances and Petroleum Emergency workers. Besides, the ability of glowing tape to accumulate, and then to emit the light in the darkness makes it possible to use it in systems for fire safety and evacuation systems. When we are talking about evacuation (fire safety), the panic is the first thing to be avoided. Glowing evacuation marking, for which photo-luminescent tape is used, will help people to orient are in an emergency situation quickly and easily, even when it related to an unfamiliar place. Therefore, glowing tape used for evacuation marking helps people to act quickly and active 14 for avoiding the emergency. You can see other application branches of the glowing technology at the part Application.

The material is resistant to temperature drops, so it can be stored under the temperatures from -60 up to +70 C, also it has a resistance to UV radiation.Glowing tape can be washed, as well as to be ironed through the additional material under the temperature 160 C.

Application method:
The cutting is made by a traditional method. Luminous tape can be sewn with a frequency of 3-5 stitches on 1 cm, while stepping on the 1.2-2 mm from the edge of the item.

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