Productions AcmeLight

Glowing designer stones

FEATURESGlowing stones in the dark, they are natural glowing stones, it is a way to make our world brighter and more elegant. These stones 6-8 diameters that swing prestigiously, anti-different atmospheric conditions. They seem ordinary colorful stones, in the day light , but at night the creation and glowing start. All what you have to do, is looking and enjoying. These colorful normal stones are used in constructing projects, engineering designs of halls, gardens, houses and children rooms, reminders and finery.

SIZES:6-8 mm

GLOWING TIME:4-6 hours

COLORS:Pink, blue, coralline (with red sign), green and yellow

GLOWING:Green, blue, coralline, pink and lemon to beige.

STYLE:Stones are polished masterly.

STORAGE:Any where.