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Glowing stones give a possibility to change the world around us completely and make it unrecognizable by our own hands! Besides building finishing, stones can be used for decoration to the adjoining home territories, for the production of the original souvenirs, photo-frames and etc. Moreover, such stones will be beautiful decoration for aquariums, flower pots or even bookshelves.

Glowing stones are artificial stones, produced from plastic of different dimensions (from 1 up to 2 cm), processed by glowing paint. The acrylic coating, made by paint on the stone surface is wear-, water- and burn-up-resistant. The surface can be frosted as well as glossy. During the day stones accumulate the light from the natural sources and then start to emit it when the darkness comes.
Glow in the dark stones are used for building construction and finishing, for production of souvenir and advertising products, for the decoration of night clubs buildings, as well as accessories for mobile phones (trinkets, souvenirs, coasters). The glass vessel, filled with glowing stones is also original besides exclusive souvenirs, such glass items can also fulfill the role of the energy-saving night lamp.

Our production of glowing stones make it possible to use it for:

  • Landscape design (the real miracle, which is able to convert the very ordinary park, piece of land or the garden to the fairytale.)

  • Night lighting of parks, gardens, lands etc.

  • Production of the original finishing tiles (stylish and always very popular)

  • Finishing of buildings (cloth for decoration, both internal facades and exterior, foundations of houses and cottages)

  • Decoration of aquariums (glowing stones in aquariums have a delightful view, make the magic underwater world mysterious and intriguing)

  • Production of jewelry and trinkets.

  • Production of different decoration items (flower pots for home flowers, stands, photo-frames, shelves and rare souvenirs).

Depending on the application branch, you can use glowing stones in different ways:

  • Place it by the intricate form along the road or the frontage,

  • Place stones on the aquariums bottom artistically,

  • Fix it in the frame or on a string (jewelry, trinkets),

  • Fill some containers with stones (flower pots, vases, decorative glassware) etc.

Glowing stones are stored in a dry place under the temperature from 5 to 40 C. You can buy it from our website. Shelf-life: unlimited

glowing stones are produced in the shape of sea pebbles.

glow in the dark stones imitate natural stones well.

Under the ordinary light stones have a white or white-green color

Green, light blue and blue colors

Glowing period:
More than 6 hours

from 1 kg up to 25 kg. 1 kg contains from 330 to 350 pc. of glowing stones.

frosted or glossy.

1-2 cm

Up to 1000 kg