Productions AcmeLight

Glow in the dark jacket with the special finishing, which cannot be unnoticed at a distance of a few meters. This is not a someone's empty whim, but a vital need, proved by various everyday situations. First and foremost, such special uniform is required for people whose profession compels them to perform the job duties in the

  • Employees of traffic police;

  • Emergency rescue workers and professionals;

  • Medical workers;

  • Employees of security firms;

  • Oil derrick workers;

  • Employees of railway stations and airports;

  • As well as the usual drivers of cars and trucks, mopeds, motorcycles and cyclists.

Special luminous jacket can be washed and ironed in the usual way (washing temperature - up to 60 C). The paint can maintain its unique ability to glow in the dark for more than 6 hours in the dark time. The jacket gets "charged" for the next night shift under the influence of sunrays or day light. It uses a special paint or luminous strip, glowing in the darkness by mild light with yellow or green tint, for decoration of jackets.

Comfortable lightweight jacket can be worn on the top of any clothes, it does not absolutely restrict the movements and does not interfere to perform the necessary tasks. Special glowing paint, designed for textile, is not afraid of the bad weather, aggressive sun rays, raining and temperature drops. Chemical components, used by specialists of Acmelight company for the creation of special glowing effect, are absolutely safe for people and do not evoke any negative and allergenic reactions. This fact is confirmed by corresponding certificates and references of Customers. The glowing jacket is used as an element of clothes, which help to protect people!

duration of glowing is more than 6 hours.

green-yellow color of glowing.

The weight:
300 grams.

it is regulated from M up to ХХХL.