Productions AcmeLight

Fluorescent paint for metal

AcmeLight-fluor METAL is produced on a basis of high-qualified 2k acrylic resin. High resistance to mechanical and chemical damages, elasticity, fast drying.

Branch of application:
metal surfaces of any type: auto-tuning and tuning of motorbike (including painting of car rims), airbrushing, interiors and exteriors. Paint glows in the UV light.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, white.

store in the hermetically packed original container inside a building under the temperature 5-20 C; Shelf life is 18 months from the production date.

AcmeLight-fluor METAL contains irritating substances, S2, S36/37/39, S46, S51; R10, R41. Containers and instruments should be dry, while the paint is able to go into reaction with the moisture. Attention: permissive relative humidity is not more than 80%! Hardener: containing xylene hardeners (in ration 2 parts of paint to 1 part of hardener). Consumption: 1.5 l per 6-10 m2

Application method:
AcmeLight-fluor METAL is applied by the air-brush. It is used as the second (intermediate) layer (15-22mm) in 3-layers painting. It is recommended to use a transparent acrylic polish as a finishing layer for provision of higher strength.

the saturation of the color is defined by conditions and method of application, the distance between air-sprayer and painted surface, the method of air-sprayer operation, the nozzle diameter. Flow of paint, pressure, operating viscosity are also important factors, that is why it is recommended to regulate these parameters beforehand, especially in case of partial painting.