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Glowing banners, posters, leaflets, self-adhesive films and simply pictures, how does it glow? It is not related with glowing paints or invisible glowing inks – No! The paper, on which the image is printed, it glows on its own! Glowing photo-paper is completely ready for application – for printing of photos and pictures on it and emergency evacuation plans.

You need to use the color jet printer and inks on the water or solvent basis to print the image on photo-luminous paper. It is also applied by technology of inverted and silk-screening printing.

glow in the dark photo paper is widely used in printing, as well as simply indispensable in advertising and gift business. Glowing cards and commemorative calendars, posters and photos - this is only a part of how you can use such photo paper. Designers of modern interior and organizers of festivals and feasts have highly appreciated features of the product, you can create astonishing compositions, attracting heroes of the occasion to the process - a joint creative work will make a foretaste of the celebration even more sweet.

Glowing photo-paper is used:

  • in publishing industry;

  • in advertising business (posters, calendars, visit-cards, banners);

  • for the production of evacuation plans and schemes;

  • for printing of photos, pictures and layouts;

  • for the original holidays decoration (Birthday, weddings, anniversaries);

  • interior design.

It is used for photos and picture printing. It can be applied in publishing, in advertising business, for example, visit cards, as well as for printing of evacuation schemes and plans. It is possible to use it for applique art during holidays and design decoration. Glowing photo-paper can diversify home photos in frames. Glow in the dark paint can impress any guest in your house. To buy glowing paper is very simple, you just need to fill in the form and order at our website.

Photo- paper is stored in a dry place under the temperature from 5 to 40 C.

А3(297x420 mm),
А4 (210х297mm),
А5 (105х148 mm),
А6 (52.5х74mm)

White with beige-yellow shade

Green-yellow and light blue.

The glowing period:
more than 6 hours.

The glowing intensity:
first 10 min. the brightness 480 mkd/m2

The sheet thickness is 0.25 mm