Productions AcmeLight

Fluorescent paint for walls

universal; wide range of temperatures of environmental air during application; fast drying; high elasticity; high resistance to mechanical damages and aggressive substances impact. It does not contain harmful substances, and has waterproofing properties.

Branch of application:
Acmelight Fluorescent paint for Concrete is used for painting of night clubs, bowling centres, laser show halls etc. walls. It is designed for any kinds of surfaces: natural and artificial stone, concrete, facing bricks etc.

store in the hermetically packed original container inside a building under the temperature 5-20 C; Shelf life is 18 months from the production date.

Containers and instruments should be dry, while the paint is able to go into reaction with the moisture.

Glowing in UV light:

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, white.

at the average – 1 liter per 4-7 m2, the defined volume depends on the surface type and the application method.

Application method:
Acmelight Fluorescent paint for Concrete is applied to the clean and dry surface by roller, brush, by pneumatic or airless spraying without heating method. Mix it thoroughly before application. Permissible air temperature: from -10С up to + 30С.