Productions AcmeLight

The glowing grout of the plaster

APPLICATION:Mix one kg with 300ml water, keep in mixing until the mixture becomes a compatible form, like a paste, you had better use it within 2 hours from starting ultimately. It may take 24 hours to dry. After drying, it has to remove the rest of filling by a clean and dry cloth. After the first day, it is recommended to wet the parting (1-2) times by clean water.

WARNING: The parting among flag stones or the filling width is 3 mm.

CONSUMPTION:One kg covers 3-4 m² with1-2 mm thickness.

STORAGE: The genuine package is kept in temperature between 5-30 ºC, keep away from children.

COLORS:Glowing green in the daylight, glowing blue in the dark.

EXPIRY:1.5 year.

VALIDITY OF PRODUCT AFTER USE:10 years inside the building, 6 years outside the building.

SIZE:1 kg.