Fluorescent paints

Fluorescent paint for interior works

FEATURES:This paint is a high quality with a superior glowing under the ultra violet radiation.

Fluorescent paint for Oracal film

Branch of application:
AcmeLight-fluor Oracal is used for painting of different self-adhesive films. It is used for production of banners, self-adhesive vinyl films, Tyvek or any other materials that are used in the outdoor (street) advertising

Fluorescent paint for metal

AcmeLight-fluor METAL is produced on a basis of high-qualified 2k acrylic resin. High resistance to mechanical and chemical damages, elasticity, fast drying.

Fluorescent paint for textile items

Branch of application:
AcmeLight-fluor TEXTILE is used for printing on tissues, cuttings and ready products. It is suitable for knitwear, dark and light textile. It is applied on T-shirts, pants, hoodies and other wardrobe items.

Fluorescent paint for walls

universal; wide range of temperatures of environmental air during application; fast drying; high elasticity; high resistance to mechanical damages and aggressive substances impact. It does not contain harmful substances, and has waterproofing properties.