Productions AcmeLight

Fluorescent paint for interior works

FEATURES:This paint is a high quality with a superior glowing under the ultra violet radiation.

APPLICATION:The surface is covered by a brush, or roller, 1-3 thin layers, or by the sprayer, vent 3 mm, under pressure 3-4 bar.

DRYING TIME:4 hours, in temperature 25 ºC, moisture 50%.

CONSUMPTION:6-10 m² per liter for one layer

GLOWING TIME:During of work of the ultra violet radiation lamp.

COLORS:All colors are available.

STORAGE:The genuine can is stored in temperature 5-30 ºC away from the sunlight and children.

EXPIRY:1.5 years from the production date.

VALIDITY OF PRODUCT AFTER USE:10 years inside the building.