Productions AcmeLight

The paint is completely ready for application. Is it possible to imagine that all boring, ordinary concrete surfaces can start to live by a new life with the darkness? Shimmering in the darkness a pale-green walkway pavement, leading to the house, whose walls are illuminated in the same way under the cover of night, but only in blue light now. It is not an illustration in some fairy-tale, but it is a true reality. Glowing paint Acmelight Concrete is specially designed for concrete surfaces of any type, it is able to make miracles!

Acmelight Сoncrete - fast drying paint, creating the colorful covering, which glows by light-blue or green color in the darkness. It has a high level of abrasion and wearing-out and provides water-proofing, creates hard, resistant and long-lasting coating. It is resistant to mechanical stress, environmental precipitates, chemicals, oils, and detergents.

Acmelight-fluor Concrete is used for painting the walls of night clubs, bowling centers, laser show halls and other premises. Used for all types of surfaces: natural and artificial stone, concrete, brick, tile, pavement etc.

Application method:
Acmelight-fluor Concrete is applied to clean and dry surface with a roller, brush, by air or airless spraying without heating. Before use mix thoroughly. Permissible temperature range: from-10C to + 30C.

1 layer per 6-8 sq.m\1l.

The paint contains additives, which settle to the bottom of the can. Before application the paints should be thoroughly mixed for 2-5 min till the homogeneous mass. During application it is necessary to mix it often.

Storage and precautions:
Store and transport the paint in hermetically closed containers, under the temperature from 0 up to 30°С out of childrens reach. Keep away from ignition sources and from direct sunlight, heating devices and moisture. During the painting works, the building should be well ventilated. Use rubber gloves for protection of your hands. Use a respirator for respiratory protection, applying spray method. The empty containers should be recycled. The working tools should be washed in solvent.

Glowing period:
6-8 hours after charging

Fast drying:
Under the temperature +20°С and the relative humidity 50% - up to 4 hours.

The surface preparation:
The surface should be cleaned of old loose and opaque coverings, dust and dirt should be removed.

metal can 0,5 l., 1 l.

on average - 1 liter per 8-10 m2 specific figure depends on the type of surface and application method.

18 months from the production date.