Productions AcmeLight

Product description:
The format of evacuation plans: A3 and A4 Schemes with internal corridor circuits, staircases, rooms in buildings where people live and work. Schemes the contain symbols, which indicate the safest evacuation ways and emergency exits. Also, evacuation routes mean nominal symbols, designating the nearest location to the fire-fighting equipment, means of ambulance, phones, respirators, inhalers, etc.

Application spheres:
Fire safety systems, as well as in offices and residual houses, government agencies, schools and preschools, transport and metro, underground passages and railway station, airports and hospitals, etc.

Quick and proper evacuation during the case of fire can help avoid catastrophic consequences and casualties. The main designation of glowing in the dark evacuation plans is to identify options for evacuation routes and exits clearly, as well as to define the location of vital importance at the time of an emergency (fire safety). Besides, the right preparation of evacuation helps to direct people’s actions into the right direction, to make it consistent.

Evacuation plans are not undergone to the environmental effects, including UV light and temperatures drops.

Glow in the dark plans (safety evacuation plans) can be put on to ordinary plastics, film or paper.