Productions AcmeLight

Fluorescent paint for Oracal film

Branch of application:
AcmeLight-fluor Oracal is used for painting of different self-adhesive films. It is used for production of banners, self-adhesive vinyl films, Tyvek or any other materials that are used in the outdoor (street) advertising

store in the hermetically packed original container inside a building under the temperature 5-20 C; Shelf life is 18 months from the production date.

Application branch:
silk-screening method: Oracal film, paper, polished surfaces, thermoplastics with low content of plasticizer, rigid PVC. It is used in outdoor advertising: banners, vinyl self-adhesive film, tyvek.

AcmeLight-fluor ORACAL creates a glossy surface. it has a high resistance to mechanical damage and adverse effects of climate factors. The paint penetrates deeply into the structure of the material, forming a film on its surface that is resistant to fading, high temperature, dilution with water. The paint is completely ready for application.

Glowing in UV light:

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, white.

on average – 1 liter per 6-8 m2, the defined volume depends on printing conditions.

AcmeLight-fluor ORACAL is completely dried in the open air, not depending on the environmental conditions.

Application method:
silk-screening method