About luminescent glow in the dark paint

Glow in the dark paints Acmelight are produced on the basis of the high-quality luminous pigment. Glow in the dark paints correspond to all application standards, confirmed by sanitary-epidemiological certificate, Material Safety Datasheets, and other certificates.

Acmelight paint applied on the object creates glowing at the darkness effect. At the nighttime the object is lighting by different colors and shades, from green-yellow and light blue up to orange and pink. The range of colors can be defined during the creation of composition.

Accumulating the light energy during the daytime or from the artificial light, painted by glowing paint image starts to glow at the darkness or when the light is switched off, emitting all received charge. We use the raw materials which allow get the glowing duration up to 6-10 hours. Therefore, luminous paints Acmelight allow create original single items or entire batch of original goods. Therefore, luminous paints Acmelight allow create original single items or entire batch of original goods.

Inviting specialists of different branches to cooperation, our company is ready to consult you about definite type of paint application in particular case. Florists and decorators, designers and auto-tuning specialists, advertisers and producers of souvenir products have a great chance to widen possibilities of their own business, concluding profitable partnership with Acmelight company and widening dealer network in your country.

First of all, products will be interesting for:

Advertising companies


Flower shops and salons

Auto-tuning, airbrushing specialists

Souvenirs or New Year products producers

Our paints are not dangerous for human health. The safety of its components is proved by radiological and sanitary-epidemiological certificates, MSDS.

Deliveries of products are accompanied by a set of documents

Have you already some ideas as for application of luminous and fluorescent paints, which you are eager to realize? You can make order right now. Simply contact us on e-mail or on phone. Our managers will describe you the terms of products receipt in details, will recommend you necessary type of paint, will conclude Dealer Agreement, if you are planning to receive profit from Acmelight products in your country.

Just contact us and paints Acmelight will help you to realize your best wishes! Pay attention! The product corresponds to sanitary-epidemiological norms completely, confirmed by corresponding certificates.

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