For finishing work

The paint for interior works

This paint dries quickly and high quality, strong glowing, resisting of water and detergents.

The glowing grout of the plaster

APPLICATION:Mix one kg with 300ml water, keep in mixing until the mixture becomes a compatible form, like a paste, you had better use it within 2 hours from starting ultimately. It may take 24 hours to dry. After drying, it has to remove the rest of filling by a clean and dry cloth. After the first day, it is recommended to wet the parting (1-2) times by clean water.

If you would like to speak about the universality of the product, then Acmelight Facade deserve applause in this sense. Decoration of walls and gypsum ceilings, wallpaper and plaster. Surfaces, processed by such paint, due to the content of specific additives in it, are protected from mold and mildew. And the effect of warm blue – light blue glowing in the building, coming from, for example, walls or celling can be compared with nothing similar.

Acmelight Plastic is glowing paint for plastic items.

Two-component paint Acmelight for plastic items. Glow in the dark paint Acmelight Plastic is well suitable for plastic surfaces, subjects and furniture produced from plastic, PVC and polystyrene. It is important to notice, the decorated interior design with Acmelight paint is not released absolutely in the daytime, however it changes the image with the darkness completely. Green and light-blue glowing, coming from plastic objects, covered by paint, will make the stay in such room cozy and comfortable.

Acmelight paint for wood, plywood, fiberboard and particleboard. Wooden surfaces are undergone to special risk. It is an influence of UV rays. The definite rate of protection to such surfaces can be provided by different solvents. But neither of it can simultaneously carry out the decoration function. No one, except glow in the dark paint Acmelight Tree, which will not only protect the wood from UV rays, but also will remake even the very ordinary wooden item till the incognizance, when only the sun will go down the horizon, and in the darkness.

The paint is completely ready for application. Is it possible to imagine that all boring, ordinary concrete surfaces can start to live by a new life with the darkness? Shimmering in the darkness a pale-green walkway pavement, leading to the house, whose walls are illuminated in the same way under the cover of night, but only in blue light now. It is not an illustration in some fairy-tale, but it is a true reality. Glowing paint Acmelight Concrete is specially designed for concrete surfaces of any type, it is able to make miracles!

For what do you need to illuminate an object, if it can glow on its own? It is enough to cover it by the thick glowing layer. Paint Acmelight Metal is specially designed for metal. Such kind of paints does not only shine, but also it protects metal surfaces. Auto-tuning, design of buildings and premises, fencing and signs – all of these can glow in the night without lanterns and lamps, without accumulators and batteries.