Dealer terms - start your own small business with our fresh idea

There are a lot of ideas of business development in Internet. But not all of these ideas are valuable in practice. There should be a fresh idea in each proposal and you will get a real success only in this case nowadays. If you read this page, it means, that you are a person, which is looking for a new idea and that you are there, where all your demands correspond to our possibilities! Our core of our proposal is exclusive "glowing" business: open the representative department of Acmelight company in your country. Sure, it is easier to get ready ideas for business and to start work on it under the reliable patronage, than to start business from scratch with no guarantee of success.

Cooperation with us is thought-out up to some small details system, programmed for success. The effect of glowing paint is a difficult chemical process. The surface, coated by glowing paint layer, accumulates the energy from natural, as well as artificial sources during the day, and as the result it emits the light at the darkness. Therefore, it is possible to get the glowing of such surfaces as: metal, concrete, wood, textiles, glass, plastic, paper and even fresh flowers. While the range of our products application is quite wide, all our products are certified.

You can see a special speech in video format below on the page. It lasts only 2 minutes but covers the whole essence of our proposal.

Our proposal is thought-out up to some small details system, programmed for success. All what you need is to use ready ideas for business in your country. Are you ready to create your own success, and most importantly guaranteed profitable business?

Probably you will have some questions:

Who can become a Dealer?

  • You are ready to start a profitable business, using our ready ideas for business.

  • You can evaluate the situation well and can understand that an absence of competitors – is a right way to success.

  • You are living in a big city with the population not less than 200000 inhabitants.

  • You have a possibility to sell products to companies and to private persons.

  • You are ready to financial growth of company, which has all backgrounds for it.

  • You are ready to maintain the product range of company at the constant level, not less than 30% from the total quantity.

  • You are ready to sign Dealer Agreement, including the coordinated sum of initial order.

  • You have a registered company or you are a private person with the working bank account.

  • You have your own office and you can conclude sales operations and you can consult Customers.

What are we waiting to get from Dealer?

  • Dealer of Acmelight company is the carrier of its image and reputation. We expect a high level of responsibility, decency and discipline in work with company-supplier and with their Customers from our partners.

  • Desire to engage in active sales;

  • Competence and readiness to work on promotion of Acmelight products in your country;

  • Knowledge of products and range of Acmelight company products;

  • Timely execution of all of contractual obligations;

  • Compliance with all requirements of the company's documents registration and the data provision.

What advantages of Acmelight trademark business will you have?

  • Your representative department will be the only one in your country, region or town. There is – no any competition.

  • You will receive a possibility to purchase products for low dealer prices.

  • We will provide you free bonus advertising materials on constant basis.

  • All Customers from your region will be redirected to you, even if they will contact us. You will receive a possibility to increase Clients base without any special efforts.

  • If you have a positive credit history, you can get a commodity credit right after Agreement signing.

  • «AcmeLight» - is an absolute leader of luminous products production and low prices.

  • We will provide you samples and materials catalogs. We will provide you a constant support and consultations.

  • Shipment of products will be carried out by the most comfortable way for you – our representatives in your regions.

  • The novelty of product provides a quick payback of investments and high profitability.

How to start cooperation?

  1. To start cooperation, you need to write a letter, indicating Dealership in ЕЕ. (country). Please, indicate in a letter the region, where you would like to be our partner. Write your name, address.

  2. Fill in the questionnaire and send to our e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  3. Managers of Dealer Department will contact you for discussion of Agreement terms and dealer terms of cooperation.

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