Productions AcmeLight

Acmelight paint for Oracal film. Acmelight Oracal is a paint, designed for direct printing on a self-adhesive film Oracal, which is widely used for advertising and it is of the most high demand material due to its availability, simplicity of application and practicality. For this reason, the original approach to the application of the image on such film is a guaranteed success in the world of advertising.

What kind of effect has the paint Acmelight Oracal paint? The most amazing! The image on the film starts to glow by its own color in darkness! Such kind of advertising will make a splash, emphasizing the originality of the advertised goods or services in a special way.

AcmeLight Oracal is used for painting of different self-adhesive films. It is used for production of banners, self-adhesive vinyl films, Tyvek or any other materials that are used in the outdoor (street) advertising.

Application method:
Mix the paint thoroughly till the homogeneous mass before application. It is applied by silk-screening method. Use the net 70 for application. The paint contains a chemical that penetrates the structure of the material to be printed, and this paint is not exposed to climatic conditions. That is, it does not fade, not dry, not diluted with water, etc.

5-6 sq.m.\1l.

The paint contains additives, which settle to the bottom of the can. Before application the paints should be thoroughly mixed for 2-5 min till the homogeneous mass. During application it is necessary to mix it often.

Storage and precautions:
Store and transport the paint in hermetically closed containers, under the temperature from 0 up to 30°С out of childrens reach. Keep away from ignition sources and from direct sunlight, heating devices and moisture. During the painting, the building should be well ventilated. Use rubber gloves for protection of your hands. Use a respirator for respiratory protection, applying spraying method. The empty containers should be recycled. The working tools should be washed in solvent.

Glowing period:
6-8 hours after charging

Fast drying:
Under the temperature +20°С and the relative humidity 50% - up to 4 hours.

The surface preparation:
The surface should be cleaned of old loose and opaque coverings, dust and dirt should be removed.

metal can 0,5 l., 1 l.

On a basis of high-quality 2k acrylic resin with functional additives, xylene, mixture of sterically composed salts.

18 months from the production date.