Productions AcmeLight

Natural glow stones are a way to change the surrounding world, whether it is a chils room or the pathway to the house. Stones can be used for outdoor, as well as for indoor decoration. It can be used in all designing experiments or simply for souvenirs.

Natural glowing stones are crushed rocks of different diameters (5-8 cm), processed by glow in the dark paint. The covering, created by paint on rocks is wear-resistant; it is not washed out and is not burned out. The surface can be mat. During the daytime stones accumulate the light from natural sources, which start to emit it with the darkness fall.
Natural glowing stones can be used for design and construction. Stones, which will light flowers in a vase or will be used as a night lighter for children, will provide originality to the glass vessel.

Our production of glowing paints makes possible to use it in:
- Landscape design of different cafe or a child's room decoration;
- As a night-light for children, which will not require the use of electricity;
- Production of trinkets or souvenirs;
- Granules, glowing in the darkness, will look magically at the bottom of an aquarium.

Depending on the application sphere, glowing stones can be used in different ways:
- To fill decorative vessels;
- To put it at the bottom of aquarium in a decorative way;
- It is applied for decor of pathways and facades of houses.

Glowing natural stones, which can be purchased at our website, are stored in a dry place under the temperature from 5 up to 40 C. Shelf life is unlimited.

Glowing granules are produced in a form of small crushed stones.

Granules, glowing at the darkness.

pink, blue, coral (with a hint of red), beige (flesh), green and lemon-colored.

blue, green, coral, pink, lemon and beige.

Glowing duration:
More than 6 hours

1, 2 and 5 kg

5-8 cm