Productions AcmeLight

The film, which glows in the darkness, turning the absorbed energy of daylight or lamps into a bright glowing. Acmelight Company presents the newest, of the highest demand, the most exclusive product in the market of Russia and the European market. It is a luminous film!

It is applied by technology of silk-screening and inverted printing. Our photo-luminous film is self-adhesive. It can be put on any processed surface. As all products of our company, photo-luminous film has a high effect of glowing in the darkness.

Application branches:
Glowing film is used for:

  • production of safety signs.

  • production of evacuation plans and IMO symbols.

  • production of photo-luminous evacuation systems. You can always find new trends of glowing photo-luminous film application in our Part – Application.

Glowing photo-paper is used:

  • in publishing industry;

  • in advertising business (posters, calendars, visit-cards, banners);

  • for the production of evacuation plans and schemes;

  • for printing of photos, pictures and layouts;

  • for the original holidays decoration (Birthday, weddings, anniversaries);

  • interior design.

Photo-luminous film is particularly resistant to aging, therefore, it can be used both inside and outside the premises. The material has good mechanical properties, high strength and can be easily cut.

White with beige-yellow shade

Glowing color:

Glowing period:
More than 12 hours

Intensity of the glowing:

The light accumulation:
Self-adhesive film is excited by the sun light, UV light, as well as any other white light.

1х20,1х25,1х50 m

The film thickness:
0,85 mm