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Glow in the dark helmet is a headwear that helps to guard against an unforeseen fall of any objects on the head in industrial places, while it has a property of glowing in the dark. Under the conditions of work in mines, and similar kinds of occupations- it is an irreplaceable security element, which will enable to find you anywhere at the darkness.

Glowing helmet is recommended to use as an element of safety on production enterprises (mines, plants, concentrators and etc.). The glowing covering will always help your co-workers to detect you in the darkness of a mine or in case of hard loadings dropping from the hoisting crane.

First, the helmet is an accessory of safety for industrial places. The application of a glowing helmet will protect your attendance at one or another industrial site of construction or processing enterprises. It can also be used with a glowing jacket for the reconstruction of roads, or any building operations in poor visibility and in the darkness.

the glowing period is more than 6 hours.

The weigh:
the weight of standard helmet, applied at the industrial enterprises, is about 600 grams.

it is regulated from M up to ХХХL.