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Beautiful hands are compulsory for well-conditioned nails. Glowing nail polish is not just a possibility to create the unique image on disco or at the night club, but also the prevention of nail diseases and care.

Application branches:
The glowing polish is used for polishing of the nails surface, and it receives a possibility to glow in the darkness. Glowing nail polish refers to the group of decorative polishes. Acmelight Company was working out on its production. Nails, coated by such polish, look neat and natural at the daytime. It glows by yellow, blue, green, orange and other colors, depending on the polish color (9 colors available), under the UV light. Besides, the nails surface is protected from the mechanical damages under the layer of such polish, as well as it is open for the clean air supply to pores.

Glow in the dark nail polish consists of natural pigments. It does not contain dyes and synthetic fragrances. The polish is applied like the ordinary one – by making a few layers. It dries quickly and is resistant to detergents influence.

Glowing nail polish is presented by a wide color range:
red, blue, light blue, green, orange, white, pink, violet, classic. Each color creates a simple perfect look of nails at the evening time and becomes a highlight of any evening dress, attracting attention of the surrounding people in the night club, disco or at the party.

Glow in the dark nail polish is very comfortable to use:
It dries fast, it is laid by a smooth layer at the nail surface, creating a strong glossy film, which not only glows in the darkness, but was enough elastic and detergent-resistant one. Design of nails by the glowing polish is completely a creative direction.

Glowing nail polish is stored for 3 years from the production date.

butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, butyl acetate, acetyl tributyl citrate, isopropyl alcohol, phthalic anhydride, trimellitic anhydride, phosphor, glycol copolymer, styrene / acrylate copolymer, stealkony, tocopheryl acetate, benzophenone-1, panthenol.

16 ml

Nail polishes are produced according to:
ТU U 19350562.001-09