Starry sky. I want starry star!

Internet is a bad thing! Everyday we have something new. It is better to hang a lock on computer from the households. You have just finished a repair, and new ideas have appeared. Of course, it is from Internet! The Milky Way or a constellation of Scorpio! And all this is at the ceiling of children room. But if to search (on the same Internet), it is possible to find a perfect decision – glowing paint.


Starry summer night......

Strictly speaking, starry sky is not a problem, it is very beautiful. It is not a problem, if the ceiling is recently painted. You can make a starry sky on it easily and quickly, the ceiling will only be more special after it. There will appear not only stars, but the whole planet systems, comets and asteroids, made with the help of glowing paint.


Dark sky, studded with dots of distant constellations can be created with real patterns, corresponding to the map of the starry sky. The illusion is full, you have an impression of the calm summer night somewhere under the Southern sky, where stars are brighter.

......and ideas for business without start-up capital

By the way, isn't it new business ideas for home business? You will need glowing paint for wallpaper, walls and ceiling of a few colors for learning of skills. Cosmic bodies will shine almost like real ones, if you will approach to it responsibly, practicing first on a sheet of drawing paper.


To create volumetric images by fluorescent paints is not so simple, as by ordinary ones. Tints of the paint look a little bit different under the day lighting. But getting a little practice, you will start to do it in a right way. And at the beginning, create a starry sky at the children room.


Looking into the room of sleepy baby to wish him good night, you'll see how his or her sleepy eyes stick together irresistibly. Starry sky lulls softly, and the darkness, which always horrifies a little child, will retreat. Stars and the Moon will accompany his or her dreams all night.