Paint for concrete – fresh idea!

Nowadays it is hardly possible to surprise spoiled by design novelties modern people. That is why, it is twice pleasant to look on the effect, which the glowing surfaces make on, it would seem, experienced designers and decorators, not talking about Customers.


If you have a burning desire to be one step ahead of fashion, if you are not any more attracted by traditional decisions of designers and, finally, if you are dreaming about the fairy-tale in the reality, then glowing surfaces, made of concrete, natural stone or bricks in your country estate is exactly what you need!


Interesting perspectives? You are already interested, but still not quite understand what kind of fairy tale we are talking about, and how concrete and stone surfaces can emit the light? All this is a unique AcmeLight paint for concrete, which turns ordinary gray, unremarkable surfaces into elements of fairy tales, emitting the light for 12-16 hours!


Only think about, how the design of your house exterior can be changed, if to cover concrete walls by glowing paint or, for example, how unordinary will look the pavement tiles, which the moon way, leading to the artificial waterfall, will be made of! And what about such miracle of the landscape design as glow in the dark Alpine slides, which is too much simply to make by your own hands, if to use Acmelight paints as a decorative element!


Glow in the dark paint opens a huge number of possibilities, which can be limited only by your own fantasy, rather its absence. The decoration of swimming-pools and ponds, fountains and flower beds, garden walls and houses, porches and gazebos by glowing paints is absolutely new direction in landscape design. Impress neighbors, transform the exterior of your own house or villa, and it is quite possible that glowing surfaces will become your hobby, or maybe a new direction of profitable business!