Glowing car rims – fresh ideas in auto-tuning!

Are you original, you stand out from the gray mass due to your own style or you move according to the time? And what about your car? Does it correspond to you, does it drive according to the wheel of time, or it stays far behind? There is a simple way to check it. Wait till the darkness will come and drive to the street.

car-rims 1

What do you see, what do the surrounding people see? If nothing, it is a right time to get down to business, and exactly – you just need auto-tuning. Which associations does the phrase "glow in the dark rims" evoke? You can not answer or you do not completely imagine which connection glowing rims have to your car. Then read, learn and estimate, take the only true decision.


So, you have a unique opportunity to become the owner of the most real space car for envy of everyone around! All you need to do for this is to process rims of your car (no matter what is the model and the date of its issue) by glowing paint Acmelight Metal – and everything is done! The effect is simply amazing. Such unordinary tuning will attract attention of surrounding people to your car at the deep night by bright, emitting the light rims.


So, glowing paint for car rims Acmelight Metal is:

  • 100% hit of auto-tuning;

  • The glowing period from 6 up to 8 hours

  • glow under UV light

  • safe covering of the rim

  • the application simplicity


Only think about, for what you need to overpay and to order expensive auto-tuning somewhere? You can cover rims of your car by glowing paint on your own, and the process will make you an unforgettable pleasure due to its simplicity. Besides, one can of paint is enough for all four rims, you can even paint rims of 3 cars. Dream up, make experiments and there will not be any equal cars to yours!