Souvenirs for New Year!

Any business is started from the idea. The profitability and success of business exactly depend on it. It is not easy to find an appropraiate idea, taking into account the sophistication of modern enterpreners, which have already taken the most profitable and perspective ideas.


Stop! We will not follow a deliberately false trail in search of new business ideas. There is no any sense. We propose the ready business idea, which will become 100% guarantee of successful business – it is proved! We are talking about souvenir products, particularly about New Year tree toys. It is presented a huge number of Christmas tree decorations and garlands for sale nowadays. However, all these products became already a little bit "boring" by its "uniformity". People are missing the real New Year fairy-tale. This feeling can't be evoked by similar to each other, modern new year toys.


Glowing New Year Trees, snowmen, snowflakes, toys, which illuminate the room, hall or street by color and magic, by what can be called a real New Year light and it will be lighting till the morning on each New Year during 30 years, are quite different issue! Such a scene will impress not only kids but also adults. You do not need any dangerous garlands, which can cause a short circuit at any moment or even more dangerous Christmas candles. With the first twilight, Christmas decorations with the tree itself will start to glow as the team!


Such business is unique, expenses are minimal, and the profit is guaranteed. Only 1 liter of glow in the dark paint for glass or plastic will help to make minimum 3 glowing 2 meters New Year trees and all toys for them (paint consumption is 8-12 m for 1 liter)! The novelty of an idea is that there is no any analogue at the market.


Give joy to people, releasing glowing Christmas decorations, and you will be pleased not only by kids' smiling and their parents, but also a steady income!