Glowing flowers

Women's Day, romantic night and the shine of gerberas bouquet in a vase!

Hardly any other sphere is so creative, as floristics. Perhaps, cooking is the same creative one. However, a source of inspiration at one and another case is the same - beautiful creations of the Nature. Its fantasy is inexhaustible. You just surprise, how the world of plants is diversified, what is only growing at gardens and at flowers' pots. But you can hardly find glowing flowers in fields or in greenhouses.


Strange, isn't it? Mildly glowing flower would be so beautiful! It is not right, really! There are fireflies, fluorescent marine animals, but glow in the dark flowers - just a fairy-tale, a dream, tall tale. If the nature has not created such thing, create it by our own hands.


Dear florists, here is a ready business idea for you. The ordinary glowing paint for flowers will make your product out of competition. How many men have a big wish to present such hand-made star or the whole bouquet of glowing gerberas to their girlfriends and wives!


Glowing, coming from flower vase, will lighten the lovely person face bent to it. "These roses are for you, my lovely, to the 8th of March. Let flowers glow for you at the day and night, as my love doesn't fade away either in the night or at the day", let glowing flowers say a couple of romantic phrases on their own instead of your Customers.


To transform your collections, it is not necessary to have any instructions like "how to make glowing flowers". You are not used to create, make experiments with the brush and sprayer. The buds of flowers can be dipped into the paint completely. The layer on the petals surface is too much thin and soft, as a steam from the breath.

If to talk about the practical side, then flowers, processed by the glowing paint, are not subjected to the premature fading. On contrast, the glowing composition is slightly "preserve" it from drying-out.