Glowing glass and porcelain

For the home painting on glass and porcelain

As we remember, earlier it was very popular to perpetuate the gift inscriptions with the engraving. Clocks, gifts, statues, coming from the 50's of the last century, in short, virtually all "reputable" gifts bore the ornate gilded inscription.


A little later, customs were simplified - colleagues and friends begun to present the cups with names on any suitable occasion. The massive coffee mugs with the interpretation of names or the horoscope symbol have flooded markets. In very exceptional cases, the logo or even "decal" (decal picture on porcelain and glass) were put on the surface of gift in a form of hero of the day photo.


All this seemed to us as a magic. This mastery can't be applied at home - you need special equipment. Well, it is true. Let us present you such a rational proposal as an alternative home business idea: luminous gift labels, decoration by ornament and logo on glass and porcelain items. Besides, you do not need any special equipment, except the paint for glass, sprayer and pattern.


You can paint not only small glass objects, but also window glasses, furniture, mirrors, and even car glasses. The painting can be simple and complex, made with a brush and by spraying. The paint for glass transforms any items beyond recognition. If there is a small drawing skills, It is enough to find a couple of suitable templates, and to produce samples. It is possible to create album-portfolio for the Customer to choose an appropriate variant.


Paint has a few colors. You need a small practice, and you will be able to make complex compositions with color accents and transitions of one tint to another one. What do you think about such an idea for incarnation at home?