Decorative stones

Would you like to be trendsetters of landscape design fashion and at the same time to have a steady profit? A perfect business idea is decorative stones, which application is so wide, that it will easily take a stable place at the market.


What do you think about the production of unique glowing at the darkness finishing materials, for example, paving and finishing tiles, made of gypsum and cement? All you need is a form for the manufacture of tiles, gypsum or cement, and, accordingly, decorative stones.


Judge for yourself: the production of such tiles does not require a special base (you can use your own apartment), and 400-450 stones (exactly so much in one kilogram) are from 10 up to 100 m2 of tiles, depending on the frequency of its application.


It is not necessary to say that the price of such tiles will exceed expenses for its production materials a few times. The benefit is noticeable!


And what do you think about such idea as decoration of the wall by indentation of glowing stones in still "fresh" plaster? It is quite possible to provide such designing services for separate payment.

In general, ideas, which can be achieved, applying decorative stones, are great and really varied:

  • Decoration of garden paths;

  • Decoration of swimming- pools and green spaces;

  • Decoration of indoor plants and Christmas fantasies;

  • Filler for vases with bouquets;

  • Decoration of aquariums;

  • Decoration of building and other forms of decorative ornamentation.

Use proved business ideas, which will bring 100% profit. Nowadays, glowing stones has helped to get a financial independence to entrepreneurs at a lot of places of the world.

There are no reasons for doubts and hesitations, call us and we will help you with the main step in opening of your own business – the first consignment of glowing at the darkness decorative stones and purchase.