For the home painting on glass and porcelain

As we remember, earlier it was very popular to perpetuate the gift inscriptions with the engraving. Clocks, gifts, statues, coming from the 50's of the last century, in short, virtually all "reputable" gifts bore the ornate gilded inscription.

To be stylish is easy!

The cult of clothes always existed. Only earlier to be fashionable was meaning to be the same as others. Nowadays, a style is an individual original image. T-shirts are the one of the most popular elements of clothing. T-shirts are worn by everybody and everywhere: the youth does not get out of t-shirts in the literal sense, wherever you go, and the older people also find this part of clothing as a particular comfortable. But! The ordinary T-shirt is already too much boring, even banal, if to talk about really fashionable cloth. The main thing, which attracts people today is pictures on T-shirt, and if it glows at the darkness, then such cloth will be without a rival!

Women's Day, romantic night and the shine of gerberas bouquet in a vase!

Hardly any other sphere is so creative, as floristics. Perhaps, cooking is the same creative one. However, a source of inspiration at one and another case is the same - beautiful creations of the Nature. Its fantasy is inexhaustible. You just surprise, how the world of plants is diversified, what is only growing at gardens and at flowers' pots. But you can hardly find glowing flowers in fields or in greenhouses.