Tables on houses with the street name and house number play quite important role in our lives. It would seem, what is the table or a pointer, placed on residential house? In fact, sometimes even human life can depend on the presence of such pointers. Don't you believe? Well, let us admit (God forbid, of course), that some of house habitants, on which there are no any pointers with the street name and its number, need the help of ambulance.

What is billboard? First of all, it is a way to deliver information about services or products with an attracting attention ad on the bulletin board. And what attracts attention most of all? Of course bright colors and the light. Exactly due to it, many people use glowing billboard nowadays, the advertising on which looks tempting and unusual due to mild natural lighting, coming from image and text with the darkness fall.

Are you original, you stand out from the gray mass due to your own style or you move according to the time? And what about your car? Does it correspond to you, does it drive according to the wheel of time, or it stays far behind? There is a simple way to check it. Wait till the darkness will come and drive to the street.

Any business is started from the idea. The profitability and success of business exactly depend on it. It is not easy to find an appropraiate idea, taking into account the sophistication of modern enterpreners, which have already taken the most profitable and perspective ideas.

Would you like to be one step ahead of your competitors? Do you dream about your own business, about new idea and stable income? Don't you know how to start? It is not a problem. We will help. New idea for profitable business with the minimum expenses – photo-luminous paper! Don't you believe? Then read, please. So, what is photo-luminous paper – the miracle of our time? It is completely unique paper, presented in different formats and dimensions, supporting the expansion from 520 dpi, with the sheet thickness 0,25 mm. Such paper glows at the darkness during 6 hours and by more pleasant green-yellow color.