Ready glowing productions

Glowing designer stones

FEATURESGlowing stones in the dark, they are natural glowing stones, it is a way to make our world brighter and more elegant. These stones 6-8 diameters that swing prestigiously, anti-different atmospheric conditions. They seem ordinary colorful stones, in the day light , but at night the creation and glowing start. All what you have to do, is looking and enjoying. These colorful normal stones are used in constructing projects, engineering designs of halls, gardens, houses and children rooms, reminders and finery.

Glowing polymer casting three-dimensional figures

FEATURES:It is low–glued material to facilitate filling it with blocks, then getting to the glowing forms, which are resistant to high temperature, maximum 200 ºC. It is easy to use and safe.

Glowing banners, posters, leaflets, self-adhesive films and simply pictures, how does it glow? It is not related with glowing paints or invisible glowing inks – No! The paper, on which the image is printed, it glows on its own! Glowing photo-paper is completely ready for application – for printing of photos and pictures on it and emergency evacuation plans.

Beautiful hands are compulsory for well-conditioned nails. Glowing nail polish is not just a possibility to create the unique image on disco or at the night club, but also the prevention of nail diseases and care.

Glowing stones give a possibility to change the world around us completely and make it unrecognizable by our own hands! Besides building finishing, stones can be used for decoration to the adjoining home territories, for the production of the original souvenirs, photo-frames and etc. Moreover, such stones will be beautiful decoration for aquariums, flower pots or even bookshelves.

Natural glow stones are a way to change the surrounding world, whether it is a chils room or the pathway to the house. Stones can be used for outdoor, as well as for indoor decoration. It can be used in all designing experiments or simply for souvenirs.