декоративная штукатурка для внутренних работ

Свойства:Образует высококачественное светящееся в темноте декоративное покрытие.Устойчива к воздействию воды, моющих средств, механическому воздействию.Время свечения: 6-8 часов.

The paint for interior works

Быстросохнущая акриловая краска образует высококачественное светящееся в темноте покрытие, устойчивое к воздействию воды и моющих средств.
Время свечения: 6-8 часов

затирка для межплиточных швов

Образует прочное белое покрытие, светящееся в темноте. Устойчиво к воздействию моющих средств и к атмосферным воздействиям. Морозостойкость около 50 циклов.
Время свечения: 4-6 часов.

If you would like to speak about the universality of the product, then Acmelight Facade deserve applause in this sense. Decoration of walls and gypsum ceilings, wallpaper and plaster. Surfaces, processed by such paint, due to the content of specific additives in it, are protected from mold and mildew. And the effect of warm blue – light blue glowing in the building, coming from, for example, walls or celling can be compared with nothing similar.

Acmelight Plastic is glowing paint for plastic items.

Two-component paint Acmelight for plastic items. Glow in the dark paint Acmelight Plastic is well suitable for plastic surfaces, subjects and furniture produced from plastic, PVC and polystyrene. It is important to notice, the decorated interior design with Acmelight paint is not released absolutely in the daytime, however it changes the image with the darkness completely. Green and light-blue glowing, coming from plastic objects, covered by paint, will make the stay in such room cozy and comfortable.

Acmelight paint for wood, plywood, fiberboard and particleboard. Wooden surfaces are undergone to special risk. It is an influence of UV rays. The definite rate of protection to such surfaces can be provided by different solvents. But neither of it can simultaneously carry out the decoration function. No one, except glow in the dark paint Acmelight Tree, which will not only protect the wood from UV rays, but also will remake even the very ordinary wooden item till the incognizance, when only the sun will go down the horizon, and in the darkness.

The paint is completely ready for application. Is it possible to imagine that all boring, ordinary concrete surfaces can start to live by a new life with the darkness? Shimmering in the darkness a pale-green walkway pavement, leading to the house, whose walls are illuminated in the same way under the cover of night, but only in blue light now. It is not an illustration in some fairy-tale, but it is a true reality. Glowing paint Acmelight Concrete is specially designed for concrete surfaces of any type, it is able to make miracles!

For what do you need to illuminate an object, if it can glow on its own? It is enough to cover it by the thick glowing layer. Paint Acmelight Metal is specially designed for metal. Such kind of paints does not only shine, but also it protects metal surfaces. Auto-tuning, design of buildings and premises, fencing and signs – all of these can glow in the night without lanterns and lamps, without accumulators and batteries.

Acmelight Flower is glow in the dark paint for flowers.

Acmelight Flower is glow in the dark paint for flowers. Delicate rosebuds, velvet fluttering petals of violets, colorful chrysanthemums, tulips or lilies are fresh flowers, emitting the light aroma, and it is difficult not to love it. But it is more difficult to surprise with an ordinary bouquet of roses, tulips, carnations or even field daisies. Florists fantasy, of course, is worth of respect, but, nevertheless, ribbons, bows, beads and green parts are hackneyed, boring and predictable.

How to make two glass services from one, and besides completely different? There is no magic, only sleight of hand and glow paint Acmelight Glass Original, designed for glass surfaces, mirrors, porcelain etc. So, tall glasses, ashtrays, cups and saucers will not attract attention by something, being as usual as always. Miracles will start right after it will start to grow dark outside the window. The casual service or furniture will disappear, and perfect new items will take its place, and it will emit the warm green or even light-blue glowing!

Acmelight Glass Classic is Glow in the dark paint for glass

Two-component paint Acmelight for glass. How to make two glass services from one, and completely different? There is no magic, only sleight of hand and glow paint Acmelight Glass Classic, designed for glass, mirrors, porcelain etc. So, tall glasses, ashtrays, cups and saucers will not attract attention by something, being as usual as always. Miracles will start right after it will start to grow dark outside the window. The casual service or furniture will disappear, and perfect new items will take its place, and it will emit the warm green or even light-blue glowing!

Acmelight paint for Oracal film. Acmelight Oracal is a paint, designed for direct printing on a self-adhesive film Oracal, which is widely used for advertising and it is of the most high demand material due to its availability, simplicity of application and practicality. For this reason, the original approach to the application of the image on such film is a guaranteed success in the world of advertising.

Acmelight paint for tissue and textile Individual style, unusual appearance is always stylish and interesting. It is not compulsory to buy super expensive designer clothes. Everybody can feel yourself a real designer and artist with Acmelight Textile! Flags, T-shirts, caps, jeans, sweatshirts, shoelaces, backpacks, bags and other parts of the wardrobe, all of these can glow at the night club or at disco now, you need only to wish it!

glowing designer stones

Светящиеся натуральные камни - это способ сделать окружающий мир ярче и интереснее. Светящиеся дизайнерские камни представляют собой щебень разного диаметра (6-8 мм), обработанный светящейся краской. Покрытие, образованное краской на камнях, износоустойчиво, не смывается и не выгорает. Поверхность может быть матовой. На протяжении дня камни сами накапливают свет от естественных источников, который начинают излучать с наступлением темноты.

glowing polimer

Данный полимер имеет низкую вязкость, что обеспечивает качественное и равномерное заполнение мелких деталей рельефа. Устойчив к длительному воздействию высоких температур до 200°С.

Glowing banners, posters, leaflets, self-adhesive films and simply pictures, how does it glow? It is not related with glowing paints or invisible glowing inks – No! The paper, on which the image is printed, it glows on its own! Glowing photo-paper is completely ready for application – for printing of photos and pictures on it and emergency evacuation plans.

Beautiful hands are compulsory for well-conditioned nails. Glowing nail polish is not just a possibility to create the unique image on disco or at the night club, but also the prevention of nail diseases and care.

Glowing stones give a possibility to change the world around us completely and make it unrecognizable by our own hands! Besides building finishing, stones can be used for decoration to the adjoining home territories, for the production of the original souvenirs, photo-frames and etc. Moreover, such stones will be beautiful decoration for aquariums, flower pots or even bookshelves.

Natural glow stones are a way to change the surrounding world, whether it is a chils room or the pathway to the house. Stones can be used for outdoor, as well as for indoor decoration. It can be used in all designing experiments or simply for souvenirs.

Forms resistant to abrasion, water, and brine Floor, glowing in the dark. The appearance of the paint film - rough, uniform, matte surface. Hiding power of the film, g / m2 - not more than 187.5. Drying time at 18-22 ° C, 3 rd degree, a wet film thickness of 100-150 microns, at most, 25 minutes. Mass fraction of solids,%, not less than 71.5. Film resistance to static action of water at the temperature of 18-22 ° C, h, not less than 72. Resistance to static effects of the 3% NaCl solution at a temperature of 18-22 ° C, h, not less than 72. Density at 18-22 ° C, g / cm 3, not less than 1.49. Flow (covering 600-700 microns wet), g / m 2 - 500-700. Wear coefficient - 0.62.

Product description:
The format of evacuation plans: A3 and A4 Schemes with internal corridor circuits, staircases, rooms in buildings where people live and work. Schemes the contain symbols, which indicate the safest evacuation ways and emergency exits. Also, evacuation routes mean nominal symbols, designating the nearest location to the fire-fighting equipment, means of ambulance, phones, respirators, inhalers, etc.

Glow in the dark helmet is a headwear that helps to guard against an unforeseen fall of any objects on the head in industrial places, while it has a property of glowing in the dark. Under the conditions of work in mines, and similar kinds of occupations- it is an irreplaceable security element, which will enable to find you anywhere at the darkness.

Glow in the dark jacket with the special finishing, which cannot be unnoticed at a distance of a few meters. This is not a someone's empty whim, but a vital need, proved by various everyday situations. First and foremost, such special uniform is required for people whose profession compels them to perform the job duties in the

Glowing tape or how it is called by technologies – photoluminescent fabric according to TU U .17.5-22552900-006:2008.

Product description:
Glowing paint is supplied in metal cans of 1 and 0.5 l

The film, which glows in the darkness, turning the absorbed energy of daylight or lamps into a bright glowing. Acmelight Company presents the newest, of the highest demand, the most exclusive product in the market of Russia and the European market. It is a luminous film!

paint for interior decoration for interior works

Быстросохнущая краска образует цветное высококачественное, светящееся в ультрафиолетовом свете покрытие.

Fluorescent paint for Oracal film

Branch of application:
AcmeLight-fluor Oracal is used for painting of different self-adhesive films. It is used for production of banners, self-adhesive vinyl films, Tyvek or any other materials that are used in the outdoor (street) advertising

Fluorescent paint for metal

AcmeLight-fluor METAL is produced on a basis of high-qualified 2k acrylic resin. High resistance to mechanical and chemical damages, elasticity, fast drying.

Fluorescent paint for textile items

Branch of application:
AcmeLight-fluor TEXTILE is used for printing on tissues, cuttings and ready products. It is suitable for knitwear, dark and light textile. It is applied on T-shirts, pants, hoodies and other wardrobe items.

Fluorescent paint for walls

universal; wide range of temperatures of environmental air during application; fast drying; high elasticity; high resistance to mechanical damages and aggressive substances impact. It does not contain harmful substances, and has waterproofing properties.